Brew City Advertising Show
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Advertising collectors of new and vintage memorabilia fill the show hoping to find that special item. Everyone in the Midwest knows about Milwaukee’s “Brew City Advertising Show”

An old wooden Peoples Brewing Company case, vintage coin operated peanut machine, beer bottles, beer labels, and many other interesting items.

Paul “The Hamm’s Man” always offers a great selection of vintage Hamm’s beer motion signs, tap knobs, and lots of other types of advertising.

An all metal Orange Crush bottle cap soda sign, Pepsi Cola tin, gas station oil bottle with rack, and some old light up signs are offered for sale at this vendor’s table.

Looking for a glass from your favorite brewery? Just ask Fred & Cindy, they offer hundreds of enameled beer & root beer glasses.

A closer look at some rare cardboard beer and soda advertising signs. Cardboard advertising signs were usually thrown away after a promotion making them difficult to find today.

Here are some great pre prohibition beer bottles for sale, along with beer coasters, labels, brewery glasses, an old Blatz beer case, and even an old Miller High Life bag to take home your six pack.

Like the nightlife and the glow of a neon beer sign? Almost any brand of neon beer sign can be found at the show. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask the vendors and they will find it!

Gettelman, Old Milwaukee, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and 7 up signs for sale. Rarer items could also be yours, like the Knapstein’s Red Band or Leidiger Select Beer trays being offered.

The history of the beer bottle could be found at this vendor’s table. Offering some of the first made pottery type bottles to early glass blob tops, then into the embossed & labeled beer bottles.

Looking to brighten up your rec room or game room? Look no further! A great selection of lighted signs offered by Todd & Kerry include: Schlitz, Old Style, Miller, Ice House, Hamm’s & more.

Antique advertising is always very desirable and hard to find. You never know what vintage items vendors Bob M. or Jon H. will bring, but it is always some of the best available.

Early lithographed advertising trays, full of color and interesting subject matter. This is how products were advertised in the good old days!

These two smiling vendors offered a 7up tray, a large RC Cola sign, tap knobs, Budweiser beer steins, a Molson mirror, and even a Miller Beer record album.

Need a motor or a part for vintage or newer motion sign? Come see Frank! He'll be happy to help you out - his friendly advice is always free.

All types of collectible beer mugs and lidded steins for sale. Corona, Pabst, Budweiser, Miller, and just about any other brand you could think of.

Old beer openers, matchbooks, mini bottles, & steins. Each item advertising a beer or brewery - almost all of them are no longer in business today.

Norm, a long time collector, displays an Atlas and Piels beer wall sign, a rare Old Timers tin over cardboard sign, and many other hard to find signs.

During the 1960’s, Miller Brewery produced a light up, rotating, plastic beer bucket with three bottles poking out of it. While Blatz Brewery issued a series of over 20 different beer statues.

Probably one of the most classic and well-recognized animated signs of all time is the Hamm’s moving water sign. This sign is what started my collection over 30 years ago.

Do you have some old advertising in your basement or garage? Or are you a collector that needs to sell some items to make room for more? Participate at our show where the buyers are!

Drive away in your own Miller Genuine Draft Indy car. You might as well buy the matching racing jacket. Too big? No problem. Smaller beer advertising vehicles are also for sale.

Ever been to a flea market, antique show, or beer show in the Midwest? Then you may have run into John. Collecting his entire life, he always has a great selection of merchandise.

Some Hamm's Beer lighted moving water signs
and a lighted Budweiser Beer clock

Hamms Beer lighted moving water signs and Budweiser clock
Antique vintage beer trays and signs from
Braumeister, Point, Hamm's and Miller High Life.

Antique beer trays and Braumeister Beer sign